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Hello, Friends, and welcome to my blog, The Source of Story.

We’re going on an adventure from here, you and I. We’ll explore the nature of story and creativity. We’ll look into how stories take shape and how they best resonate with their audience. And we’ll investigate what it means to be a storyteller.

(More than likely, we’ll occasionally get sidetracked or thrown off on a tangent, and that’s okay, too.)

As my own work revolves primarily around the written word, the main focus will be on that particular craft. I’ll be sharing bits of my own journey with you, from the glory of the creative process, to the despair of writer’s block and rejection, and even into the banal nuts-and-bolts business side of things.

However, since many aspects of story transcend the medium, other creatives in performing and visual arts may find these investigations of value. Really, my hope would be that any and everyone would find some worth here, as story forms the basis of all successful communication.

Be prepared for irreverence and good humor (after all, sacred cows often make the tastiest burgers). Bear with me as I’ll more than likely dip into my nerd-dom. Brace yourselves for the esoteric, the arcane, and possibly even the occasional woo-woo. I come with a definite point of view, and I welcome curiosity and open discussion.

Thank you for being here. Please join in the discussion and invite your friends and associates to check in as well. Check in often or, better yet, sign up for updates to stay apprised of all the latest.

This is gonna be fun.



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3 Replies

  1. Looking forward to reading your updates!

  2. Nat

    I can’t wait!!! On the edge of my seat for creative breadcrumbs that might lead me further into the source of story.