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Transforming Lives Through Story

The Reason for the Season

Pardon the digression from our creative explorations. Given the time of year, I wanted to take a moment to discuss this hallowed time. Because physics. As a brief refresher, the tilt in the earth’s axis is, literally, the reason for the seasons. As the earth travels about the sun, the northern and southern hemispheres receive more […]

Welcome to the Source

Hello, Friends, and welcome to my blog, The Source of Story. We’re going on an adventure from here, you and I. We’ll explore the nature of story and creativity. We’ll look into how stories take shape and how they best resonate with their audience. And we’ll investigate what it means to be a storyteller. (More than […]

We Have a Cover!

My debut novel, Of Ashes and Dust, is slated for release by Five Star Publishing in March 2017. Pre-order now available from Amazon.